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new CD available on band camp click on cover image below to download tracks

new CD available on band camp          click on cover image below to download tracks

Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Ecstatic Dances" CD Launch at the Norman Rockwell Museum August 15th

I'm excited to launch my new CD "Ecstatic Dances" at the NRM.
We'll meet at the Linwood Mansion, which is located through the hedges to the left of the main building.
The event begins at 2:00pm, but come  earlier to meander by the river and enjoy the grounds.

Consider dressing as your favorite goddess, god or transgender/whole gender third deity. 

There are hundreds of deities to investigate:
For a start:
Earth Goddesses

"Ecstatic Dances" honors the elements and since making the CD it's been enlightening to study the mythology and endless number of deities who represent the elements through the ages.

Recently saw Jim Shaw at MassMoCA.
He has an installation of 4 wigs and 4 videos representing fire, air, water and earth. Fantastic!
Wish I could wear the earth wig that has giant crystals emerging at 45 degree angles from a frothy white mass of 'hair.'

Are you drawn more to earth, water, fire, air or ether?
... some combination?
We'll explore this at the CD party.

Norman Rockwell Museum
9 Route 183
Stockbridge, MA
(413) 298-4100

Thank you to Tom Daly, Laurie Norton Moffatt and staff at the museum. This innovative museum has nurtured some of my favorite performances that have involved walking or dancing from place to place.
for example:
Karaoke Confession

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