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new CD available on band camp click on cover image below to download tracks

new CD available on band camp          click on cover image below to download tracks

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

recycled propane tank makes beautiful music

                                                       Tank drum 

               The last  track on my new CD is called 'Rest Awhile,' and it features the tank drum along with Robby Baier creating a drone with bass. It's a deeply relaxing and healing journey of sound. 
I've been exploring these beautiful instruments in my work with CATA, where tones bring relaxation to people recuperating from a broken leg as well as those with Alzheimer's who find new ways to connect with others through the music.
              Last spring I created a listening game using the drum at Undermountain School in Sheffield, MA with music teacher Elizabeth Petty. Each player uses a mallet and listens before saying their part of the conversation on the drum. It was interesting to see how quick we are to 'play our part' in a conversation and using the drum is a way to help us slow down and listen to each other.
               It was a treat to hear students sing my songs about the watershed and see their curiosity about watersheds, dragonflies and waltzing.
                People ask how the drum is made from a propane tank. Here's how:

cutting a tank drum

playing the tank drum

         Some folks have brought tank drums to first period in schools where fifteen minutes of meditation accompanied by a student playing the tank drum has increased peace in the classroom.
 Makes sense!  I wish everyone had their personal tank drum to ease the stress of the day and to have a deeper way to communicate with self and others.
        I called my first tank drum a story drum, as it lends itself to making up words and rhythms in the moment.
       There are many different places selling tank drums. Here are a few that I know and recommend:

Ithaca Tank Drum

Berkshire Gold and Silversmith


Arthur Hull led an alchemical rhythm workshop at Rowe Conference Center in November and it was a joy to re-connect to drum circle spirit.

for more info: Arthur Hull 


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