Monday, August 16, 2010

Gary Snyder on "Reinhabitation"

Thanks to Martin at the Zen Peacemakers Symposium for telling me about Gary Snyder's use of the term "reinhabitation." I found Snyder's 1976 essay online and though I couldn't link it up to this blog, I hope you can read his illuminating thoughts about the merits of staying in one place and how economically we are penalized for doing so.

It was a privilege to hear panelists who are pioneers in their fields and practitioners of kindness at the Zen Peacemakers Symposium.
I want to jot down notes for further exploration while they are fresh in my mind.
~ how does the land lead us to reconciliation?
As I've been leading people on walks to Mohican sites, I see it brings up their feelings of sorrow and desire for forgiveness or reconciliation. Will the simple mindfulness of 'one step at a time' for peace as Thich Nhat Hahn suggests help facilitate this process? I see that the land shares its own history with us when our group walks with a simple awareness of place. My goal for the walks is also to encourage people's connection to the land through the gifts we've been given for conversation with it: rhythm and sound.

I understand melody as a way to remember the power and shape of the sounds we made when first in conversation with the elements.

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